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UHCL Archives and Special Collections

Information about the collections of and on planning research at the UHCL Archives and Special Collections; created/updated by Matthew M. Peek


To ensure the accessibility, security and preservation of records, the UHCL Archives and Special Collections has established the following regulations for the Reading Room. All researchers must agree to comply with the regulations prior to and while using archival materials. Failure to follow the regulations will result in limitation or loss of Reading Room privileges and services by Archives staff. Researchers will be asked to leave the Archives if their behavior threatens the physical condition of the archival materials and/or the Archives staff.

UHCL Archives Reading Room Use Policies

1. All patrons must register and sign the visitor’s sign-in sheet upon arriving and leaving for the day.

2. Food, drink, gum, tobacco products, and vaping are not permitted in the Archives.

3. Use of cellular phones is not permitted for conversation—please take calls outside of the Reading Room.

4. Personal belongings such as briefcases, backpacks, laptop bags or sleeves, and coats must be stored in the researcher belongings cabinet behind the Archives reference desk, before accessing to archival materials.

5. Researchers may only use and have the following materials with them on the table while using archival materials:

  • Loose paper or notebooks without plastic sleeves; index cards; pencils; laptop or tablet for taking notes, with venting fan pointed away from the archival materials (cases must be stored away); and cell phones (cases must be stored).

6. The UHCL Archives does not allow outside scanners or photographic equipment, except on a case by case basis. Researchers must contact the Archives Associate Director ahead of time, and provide equipment specifics for review of acceptability standards.

7. Researchers can use their phone to photograph documents and other records, as long as no flash is used.

  • However, researchers cannot take photographs of original photographs, as many images are copywritten. Archives staff will provide researchers with scans of images upon request.

8. Before leaving the Reading Room, notify staff. As a security measure, the UHCL Archives reserves the right to review any materials brought into, and any copies or materials taken out of the Reading Room, to ensure the secure custody of the Archives holdings.

Archival Materials Usage Policies

1. Only pencils may be used for notes. Do not mark, fold, lean on or mutilate archival materials in any way.

2. Keep all materials flat in the folders on tables, and turn the items over in order within the open folder while going through items in the folders.

3. Researchers may only use one box and one folder from that box at a time at their table. Multiple folders from multiple boxes may not be laid out at the same time. Folder out cards are available by the copier, and are required to be used by researchers to mark the place of the folder removed from a box.

4. Keep all materials in the order in which it was originally stored in the boxes and folders.

5. Photocopying is permitted unless the item is fragile, exceptionally valuable, or too large. Photocopying decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis by the Archives staff.

  • Do not separate material you wish to have reproduced—please consult a staff member about the way you should identify material for photocopying. Strips of white paper will be provided to indicate the item you wish to have copied.
  • You may not photocopy an entire box of materials while researching. Researchers are not allowed to use the automatic sheet feeder option for making copies of archival materials.

6. Archival materials and books do not circulate; materials must remain in the Archives Reading Room.

7. Theft, destruction or mutilation of these materials is a crime.

8. Archival materials are provided for reference use only. The researcher agrees to publish no portion of them without the written permission of the copyright holder, and the researcher assumes sole responsibility for any infringement of the literary rights, copyrights, or other rights which pertain to archival materials.

9. The researcher is asked to provide the UHLC Archives with a copy of any publication which relies heavily upon its collections.

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