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UHCL Archives and Special Collections

Information about the collections of and on planning research at the UHCL Archives and Special Collections; created/updated by Matthew M. Peek

University Archives holdings

In accordance with its core mission, the UHCL Archives shall place highest priority on acquiring institutional records which possess permanent administrative, operational, legal, and historical value regarding the University of Houston-Clear Lake. UHCL collects the University Archives institutional records, based on the state-certified University of Houston System Records Retention Schedule, as it a component institution within the larger University of Houston System of universities.

The University Archives consist of correspondence, records, photographs, publications, periodicals, outreach materials, program materials, oral histories, broadsides, and other materials, that document the founding and development of the University of Houston-Clear Lake. The institutional records include materials from student groups and publications. The UHCL Archives, on behalf of the Neumann Library, houses a print collection of student theses written by UHCL students. With the University moving to a digital thesis system, the Archives no longer actively collects theses, but maintains the past printed thesis collection for researchers.

University Archival Materials Collected

For University of Houston-Clear Lake historic institutional materials, the following types of records and formats are given highest collecting priority:

  • Administrative reports (particularly annual and other types of reports)
  • Biographical records
  • Committee records
  • Correspondence
  • Photographs
  • Architectural and engineering drawings and records
  • Policies and procedures
  • University of Houston-Clear Lake publications
  • Student organization records
  • Special events records

Materials are not collected if they violate HIPPA, FERPA,  or otherwise contain the personally identifiable information of students, faculty, and staff members. This includes student classwork, grade reports, and staff personnel records.

For UHCL faculty, staff, and student organizations looking to transfer materials to the University Archives, please contact the UHCL Archives at 281-283-3962, or email us at The UHCL Archives uses a records transfer form that all those wishing to transfer materials are required to complete before the Archives will accept the materials into its holdings. Transfer forms are available electronically from the UHCL Archives upon request.

Private Donations from UHCL Faculty and Alums

The UHCL Archives has and is looking to grow its acquisition of the papers of current and former faculty members with the University of Houston-Clear Lake, which represent their professional and personal work. These papers document the teaching and research functions of the various departments of the University, and therefore offer an important window into the academic life of UHCL and its growth. Many previously-acquired collections feature individuals who worked for NASA and became faculty members of UHCL, creating overlap with the Human Space Flight Collection in this regard. The UHCL Archives will work with faculty to develop preservation plans for their papers now or in the future, to ensure their work is preserved for posterity.

The Archives is also intent on growing its holdings of papers from UHCL alumni, who graduated from a degree-granting program of the University. Topics held within alumni’s papers do not need to match the collecting scope of the UHCL Archives to be of interest for acquisition into the Archives’ holdings. We are desiring to document the professional work and personal lives of alumni, in order to demonstrate the impact they have made in their professions and their communities after graduation. Not every collection will be accepted, as some might be better fit for other archives depending on the topical focus of the collections. Alumni who may be interested in donating their papers to the UHCL Archives should consult the Archives AD as to their suitability.

Please do not drop materials off at Special Collections without prior arrangements.

Typical items accepted from UHCL Alums

  • Materials that describe your personal experience at UHCL (diaries, correspondence, photographs, scrapbooks, etc.)
  • Records of student organizations
  • Printed material (student publications, programs, flyers, posters, etc.)
  • Audiovisual media related to UHCL




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