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GIS and Data Resources: GIS Classes at UHCL

GIS Classes at UHCL

GIS Classes offered by the UHCL Geography Program

GEOG 4231 - Fundamentals of Geographical Information Systems   An interdisciplinary introduction to the fundamentals of GIS as a method of organizing, displaying, and analyzing spatial data. The course also provides an introduction to basic cartographic conventions.

GEOG 4323 - Advanced Geographic Information Systems  Analytical aspects of spatial data, analysis, and modeling. Theoretical and applied aspects are examined through a series of practical exercises and assignments.

GEOG 5134 - Introduction to Geographical Information Systems   An interdisciplinary, applied, introduction to geospatial technologies including geographic information systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and remote sensing. Focuses on environmental and social issues.


GIS Classes offered by the UHCL Environmental Science Program

GEOL 3307 - Geographic Information Systems  This course covers the fundamentals of GIS including GIS terminology and architecture, GIS data structures, cartographic principles, data sources and methods of data acquisition including remote sensing, data manipulation and conversion, query techniques and spatial analysis.

GEOL 4335 - GIS And Their Applications  The course emphasizes on the use of spatial analysis capabilities in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in a range of applications. Topics covered include vector, raster and surface analysis, classification methods, Interpolation techniques, watershed analysis and 3D visualization.

ENSC 4337 - Geospatial Technologies  This course focuses on the concepts and applications of Global Positioning Systems (GPS), satellite imageries, Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR), and Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS).  Students will gain the skills needed to acquire and use data from these geospatial technologies in applications such as topographic mapping, flood inundation and vegetation analysis.  The course components include lecture, fieldwork and laboratory. 

ENSC 4336 - Web GIS  This course aims to provide students with web GIS knowledge needed for managing web GIS projects, and to teach students the latest web GIS technologies needed for building modern web GIS apps.  This course focuses on Esri's web GIS platform, including the following products: ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Pro, mobile apps, Story Maps, Web AppBuildier and 3D web scenes.

UHCL GIS Faculty

Jeff Lash
Associate Professor of Geography, Human Sciences and Humanities

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Marc Mokrech
Lecturer at the College of Science and Engineering and Senior Research Scientist at the Environmental Institute of Houston

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Bayou Building 2402, 2700 Bay Area Blvd, Houston, TX 77058-1002