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Make a Map in a Minute 


Let’s learn how to make a map in a minute (or less) using ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World


Determine what geographical information you need in order for your map readers to learn the information they need from your map. 

What geographic questions will your map answer? 


Step 1. Sign in to your UHCL ArcGIS account:

Step 2. Open the ArcGIS Online Map Viewer. 

Step 3. Add a layer of geographic information. There are two ways to add layers from the Content (dark) toolbar: 


         (1) Click Add, then Browse layers. 

or (2) Click Layers, then Add.

Step 4. Choose Living Atlas from the Add layer drop-down.


Step 5. Enter search terms/key words to locate useful layers from Living Atlas. For example, if you wanted to make a map of sea water temperatures, you could enter “sea temperature.”


Step 6. Locate the HYCOM – Sea Water Temperature layer and click [+ Add] to add it to the map.

Tip: To learn more about any layer, click the layer card to view the item information, such as overview, description, and more. Click View item at the bottom to open the full item pages.


Voila! You made a map of sea temperatures!


Step 7.  Save your map. On the dark, contents menu on the left, click the folder symbol with a blue dot. Note the three save options, click Save as, and complete the map details. Click Save.

Step 8. Now what? Once you save your map, it becomes a resource (content). You can




Happy Mapping!


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