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GIS and Data Resources

Teach with GIS

Explore how to enhance spatial thinking in your courses using GIS.

Teach with Esri StoryMaps

Discover assignment prompts, guidelines for instructors and students, exemplary student work, and other materials to leverage Esri StoryMaps and ArcGIS as a teaching tool.

Teach with ArcGIS Notebooks

Six short lessons on how to use ArcGIS Notebooks as a teaching tool, from delivering assignments through Blackboard to presenting spatial analysis as a slideshow. ArcGIS Notebooks provide a Jupyter Notebook experience optimized for spatial analysis using open-source Python libraries to build precise spatial data science models.

Teach with Esri ArcGIS

Discover how teachers and students from around the world are teaching and learning with ArcGIS.

ArcGIS Lesson Library

Select exercises that fit the experience-level and subject matter of your students. All of the lessons are free to download and share.

Esri Web Course: Teaching with GIS

This course presents strategies for integrating GIS to support instruction, discussion, and extended learning on any topic. Many practical ideas for GIS activities that enhance student learning and critical thinking skills are shared.

Teaching with ArcGIS Story Maps Workshop

This workshop by Joseph Kerski will introduce you to the use of story maps, provide skills for you to teach content with story maps, and empower your students to create them. The workshop also includes a hands-on exercise to get you started with using story maps, as well as plenty of examples and sources of inspiration to apply in various classroom settings.

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