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Enroll in this ESRI Training Academy plan to understand ArcGIS Online capabilities, publish content to an ArcGIS Online organizational site, and create web maps and apps. Micro-credentials! 

In this lesson, you’ll create a map that shows hurricane evacuation routes in Houston, Texas. First, you’ll create a map and locate Houston, Texas. Then, you’ll add map layers that show evacuation routes and census tracts with a high percentage of households without vehicles. You’ll change the style of your layers to improve the map’s appearance. Lastly, you’ll share the map as a web app. 

In this lesson, you’ll reformat the list of locations as a table. Then you’ll geocode the table in ArcGIS Online. Geocoding is a process that converts location names to map coordinates. You’ll review the matches produced by the geocoding process and fix any that are out of place. Finally, you’ll apply a few edits to your new map before sharing it. 

In 1854, Dr. John Snow used the power of mapping to identify the source of a cholera outbreak in London. The map he created based on the locations of deaths due to cholera allowed him to see a clear pattern that no one had noticed yet and ultimately determine the source of the outbreak. Although he was not a cartographer, he is widely viewed as a pioneer in disease mapping for the study of epidemiology. A geographic information system (GIS) allows you to compare and analyze geographic data to find patterns. While the term GIS did not exist in 1854, John Snow’s map of cholera deaths allowed him to ask questions and solve problems, just like we do with GIS today. 

In this lesson, you’ll explore John Snow’s map in Map Viewer, with some methods that were not available to him at the time. You’ll also share your work in a simple web app using ArcGIS Instant Apps. 

Researchers use surveys to gather data on a wide variety of subjects. Traditionally, surveys were done on paper or over the phone; compiling results could be difficult and time-consuming. Researchers are now turning to digital surveys, which are hosted online, accessible via mobile device, and more efficiently shared and analyzed. 

In this lesson, Super Tech Now, a technology store franchise, has hired you to develop a customer sentiment survey using ArcGIS Survey123. With Survey123, you can create digital surveys that collect data in real time across an organization. You'll create a survey, test it, and assess the results online. 

The poverty-fighting charity you work for wants to alleviate suffering among impoverished children in Detroit, a Michigan city which consistently ranks among America’s poorest urban centers. In this lesson, you’ll combine census-tract data with ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World demographic information to identify the most poverty-stricken neighborhoods. With that newly discovered knowledge, you’ll create an app which will help you articulate a report to top donors. 

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