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GIS and Data Resources: Download & Install ArcGIS Software

ArcGIS Software for Your PC

The steps below walk you through the process of Downloading and Installing ArcGIS Pro on your personal computer. 

Before you proceed, please check the ArcGIS Pro System Requirements:

System and Hardware Requirements:

Be aware that ArcGIS Pro software can only be installed and used on a computer running the Windows operating system.

Students and faculty members who need to install ArcGIS Desktop 10.8 or any older version of the software can contact Marc Mokrech at for assistance. 

Download ArcGIS Pro

  1. In a web browser, navigate to UHCL uses this webpage to provide the campus community with access to the ArcGIS Pro installation executable (.exe) file.
  2. Sign-In with your UHCL Username and Password.
  3. Click ArcGIS Pro 2.6 Installer (Windows Only) to initiate the download.

Install ArcGIS Pro

  1. When the download is complete, navigate to the downloaded ArcGIS Pro .exe file.
    ArcGIS .exe screenshot
  2. Start the installer (double click the .exe file) when you are ready to proceed.
  3. Click Browse to specify the installation folder OR Click Next to accept the default location of C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Pro\.

    NOTE: If the installation folder is changed, neither ArcGIS nor Pro is appended to the modified path. It is recommended that the selected custom installation location include a folder and not the root location of a drive.
  4. Click Install to begin the installation. Note that the Esri User Experience Improvement check box is checked by default.

    NOTE: Once you have completed the last step in the installation wizard, the installation process will start and should complete in about 5 minutes although it might take longer on laptops and older desktop computers with slower processors.
  5. Click Finish to close the wizard when the installation completes.

License ArcGIS Pro

UHCL authorizes ArcGIS Pro with a Named User license assigned to you through the university’s ArcGIS Online Organization.

  1. Start ArcGIS Pro. The ArcGIS Sign In window appears.
  2. Select Enterprise login.
  3. Type uhcl for ArcGIS organization’s URL. Check "Remember this URL" and "Sign me in automatically."

    ArcGIS license screenshot
  4. Click Continue. On the next screen, Click UHCL.

    ArcGIS license screenshot
  5. Sign in with your UHCL email. Click Next.

    ArcGIS sign-in screenshot
  6. Enter your UHCL password.

  7. Click Yes. 

    ArcGIS sign-in screenshot


For more information about ArcGIS Desktop licensing, click here.

Update ArcGIS Pro

When a new software update for ArcGIS Pro is available:

  • If you have kept the default option to be notified when an update is available, you will see a notification appear when you start ArcGIS Pro. Click the notification window to open the settings menu.

ArcGIS Pro Update notification window

(If you are not receiving desktop notifications, you can view update availability by clicking Settings from the main menu and navigating to About.)

  • If an update is available, it will be listed on the About section of the settings menu. Click the Download Now button to install the update, following the instructions on the screen.

Note: You will need to be logged into the UHCL ArcGIS Online server in order to successfully download the software update.

ArcGIS Update Download

Updates are not automatically installed, so it is important to periodically check for them, especially if your desktop notifications are turned off.

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Need help with downloading and installing ArcGIS software? 

Contact University Computing & Telecommunications (UCT) for assistance.

Phone: 281-283-2828

Email UCT

Create a Support Ticket

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