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Human Space Flight Collection

Information on the Human Space Flight Collection at the UHCL Archives and Special Collections; created by Erin Henry and Matthew M. Peek

List of Selected Female JSC Personnel (1973-2020)

This list is composed of names of former NASA Johnson Space Center female employees that the University of Houston-Clear Lake Archives and Special Collections has been able to locate through research, as to their positions and units worked in at JSC meant that they would likely have significant historical information or personal experiences to share regarding their time as women working at JSC post-Apollo Program. These are names we have listed on the main Female Johnson Space Center Personnel Outreach Project site for an extended period, to ask for members of the NASA Alumni League, JSC Chapter, and members of the public to help contact the women, or provide us with their contact information. We have received contact information or at least information about the individuals listed, and have replaced their names on our main project webpage with new names of women we have recently identified and are looking to contact.

The UHCL Archives is leaving these names online in this list, to help members of the public and researchers discover the roles that female personnel had at a given point in time that we were able to identify at NASA Johnson Space Center. Many of these women had multiple job titles and positions over the years, or changed career paths at JSC. The positions listed for the women are just starting points to get people to know their names. We will be continuing to add to this list over the coming years. The list is in alphabetical order by last name.

  • Betty F. Allen, secretary of the Financial Management Division’s General Accounting Branch (SNR issue 1975)
  • Jeri W. Brown, Engineering Technology Branch, SpaceCraft Design Division. Assigned to the Man-Machine Engineering Section. (SNR issue 1974) [not the same person as the man "Jeri Brown" who worked at JSC around the same time.]
  • Sandra S. Burdsal, CF (department name?) (SNR issue 1974)
  • Janet Carr, Life Sciences Director medical intern (one of first interns), Meharry Medical School (SNR issue 1975)
  • Amina Cisco, secretary to the Program Administrator Office (SNR issue 1975)
  • Ruth Cole, Instrument Construction, Electronics Branch, Technical Services Division
    • Developed film for use on printed circuits (SNR issue 1974)
  • Norma Costello, Passenger Travel Section (mid-1970s)
  • Shelly Cousin, Earth Observations Department (SNR issue 1974)
  • Ruth Bates Harris, Deputy Assistant Administrator of Public Affairs for Community and Human Relations (SNR issue 1974)
  • Roberta L. Hohmann, secretary for Avionics Systems Engineering Division (ASED), to William C. Bradford, chief of division (SNR issue 1974)
  • Dr. Harriet Jenkins, Assistant Administrator for Equal Opportunity (SNR issue 1974)
  • Renee Johnston, Power Generation Branch, Propulsion and Power Division (SNR issue 1975)
  • Connye Lenczewski, secretary to the Technical Assistant of the Skylab Program (SNR issue 1974)
  • Marilyn W. Moessner, secretary for Data Systems Development Branch, Institutional Data Systems Division (SNR issue 1974)
  • Liz Morrison, JSC Security Police Force, first female JSC Security Guard (SNR issue 1975)
  • Mary Nordin, Principal Investigation Management Office (PIMO), Earth Observations Division, secretary (SNR issue 1974)
  • Deborah Ponds, Life Sciences Director medical intern (one of first interns), Georgetown University (SNR issue 1975)
  • Shirley Price, Employee Development Office (SNR issue 1974)
  • Helen Ragsdale, chief telephone operator for JSC since 1962 to at least 1974 (SNR issue 1974)
  • Linda T. Rogers, secretary in the Flight Support Division (SNR issue 1973)
  • Deborah Sims, second female to be hired as Security Guard for JSC Security Police Force (SNR issue 1975)
  • Esther Washington, EEO counselor (SNR issue 1975)
  • Cynthia Wells, Mission Planning and Analysis Division whose analysis established 9-day Apollo ASTP (SNR issue 1975)
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