New Student's Guide to the Library: Home

Incoming freshmen and new students: start here to use library resources

Welcome, UHCL freshmen and new students!


We know that the variety and number of resources offered by the library, while exciting, also can be overwhelming. Don't worry -- you've come to the right place!
We will help you succeed now and throughout your course of study at the university. Whenever you have questions or want some help, contact us through our Ask a Librarian services and in Bayou Building room 2402.
We're happy that you're here!



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Guide Contents

  • About the Library
    • Must-have information about where we're located, your library card and account, and more
  • Get Started on an Assignment
    • Tips on understanding assignments, choosing topics, sources for finding overviews and background information, etc.
  • Search Strategy
    • Tips and videos on creating effective searches in the Library Catalog and research databases
  • Find Books
    • Includes help for using the Library Catalog, understanding call numbers, and recognizing book citations
  • Find Articles
    • Resources, tips, and videos on finding articles in research databases, accessing full text, and recognizing article citations
  • OneSearch
    • Help for using OneSearch, which searches almost all library research databases at once
  • Evaluating Information Sources guide
    • Help for critically evaluating the credibility and appropriateness of various information sources
  • Citing and Writing Help guide
    • Tips and tools for various citation styles, EndNote citation management software, avoiding plagiarism, and more
Bayou Building 2402, 2700 Bay Area Blvd, Houston, TX 77058-1002