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New Student's Guide to the Library

Incoming freshmen and new students: start here to use library resources

OneSearch Note

  • Natural language or long phrase searches work well in OneSearch Simple Search when searching Everything or Articles
  • Searching with keywords and operators (especially AND, OR) works, also, and can be done most easily in Advanced Search

What is OneSearch, and when should you use it?

OneSearch searches almost all of the library's research databases, books, and media at once.

OneSearch is especially helpful when you:

  • are exploring possible topics and want an idea of what's available
  • aren't sure which research databases would be good for your topic
  • only want a few articles or items and don't need special options found in individual subject databases
  • are curious about whether a broader search in more than your favorite databases turns up anything unexpected and interesting

Advanced Search

Natural language searches often work well when searching Everything or Articles. Once you have a set of results, select and apply relevant filters (limiters such as peer-reviewed journals, available online, etc.) on the left of the screen.

Sample natural language search:
     how body image affects women

You also can use simple keywords and quotation marks for a short, commonly used "exact phrase."

Sample keywords search:
   "body image" women

For more complex searches like body image AND (women OR girls), use Advanced Search.

Are you looking for full text for a specific article?

OneSearch is the preferred resource whenever you're looking for full text of an article and already have a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) or citation.

Search for the DOI or for a distinctive exact phrase from the article title along with the author's last name if needed.


   "culture cooperation and the general welfare"
   "culture cooperation" berigan


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