New Student's Guide to the Library: Find Books

Incoming freshmen and new students: start here to use library resources

As a general rule:

  • Use books when you need an in-depth, comprehensive treatment of a subject, historical event, or person
  • Learn how to identify books suitable for academic work in Evaluating Information Sources

Search for Books and Ebooks

Advanced Search

Relatively simple searches usually work well. Examples:

  • "birth order"
  • brothers and sisters
  • (brothers and sisters) or siblings
  • siblings and adopt*

To include various limiters (language, format, etc.), use Advanced Search.

Brief records "browse" screen for the search siblings and adopt*:

Library Catalog browse list with sorting options, format indicators, and brief records

  • Use the Library Catalog's Request feature to get a book from another campus
  • Get more information about a book, including citation examples
  • Pay attention to which library has a book and whether it's available ("in library") or checked out
  • Note relevant subject terms and keywords for expanding or refining your search

Shows Library Catalog detailed record with a Request link; more information, citation info, and Google preview links; location, call number, and status information; and searchable subject terms

Loading ...


Get a Book from Another Library

 1. Use the Library Catalog's Request feature if a UH library has a copy available.

         Request link from browse screen and Request link from detailed record screen

 2. Or submit a Book Request form.

Please note:  You cannot request required textbooks via ILLiad

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