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Proxy Prefix Required

License and copyright restrictions require using persistent links only where authentication is available.

Unless it's already there, add the authentication prefix to the beginning of an article/ebook/video persistent URL:


If the item has a DOI (digital object identifier), add this prefix to the link:


After adding the prefix, the URL becomes

Many databases provide persistent links (permalinks) to their content. Some already contain the proxy prefix.



There is no need to modify the permalink if it already contains the proxy prefix.

Some databases provide permalinks that do not contain the proxy prefix.



If the URL does not contain the prefix, add it to the URL.



To link to article PDFs with a URL:

1. Click the Download PDF link under the article citation

2. Copy and paste the URL into your document

3. Add this prefix to the link

After adding the prefix, the URL becomes

How to Add Library Resources in Canvas

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