Services for Faculty: Liaison Librarians

Liaison Program

Contact your liaison with any question or suggestion related to library resources for your program, students, or research needs. We’ll also keep you informed of new resources and services.

Note: Phone numbers listed are on-campus extensions. From off campus, please precede the extension with 281-283.


Degree Program/Concentration Liaison Name Phone Email
Accounting Neeta Jambhekar 3902
Decision Science Neeta Jambhekar 3902
Environmental Management Martha Hood 3920
Finance & Economics Martha Hood 3920
Healthcare Administration David Palmer 3905
Human Resource Management Neeta Jambhekar 3902
Legal Studies Cindy Goode 3917
Management Neeta Jambhekar 3902
Management Information Systems Jingshan Xiao 3912
Management of Technology Jingshan Xiao 3912
Marketing Neeta Jambhekar 3902
Neeta Jambhekar
Martha Hood
David Palmer
Cindy Goode Cindy Goode
Jingshan Xiao
Degree Program/Concentration Liaison Name Phone Email
Counseling Susan Steele 3915
Curriculum & Instruction Jennifer Holland 3981
Early Childhood Education Kate Carter 3914
Educational Foundations Jennifer Holland 3981
Educational Leadership Jennifer Holland 3981
Educational Management Jennifer Holland 3981
Instructional Technology Jennifer Holland 3981
Literacy, Language Arts, and Literature Studies Linsey Ford 3918
Multicultural Studies in Education Jennifer Holland 3981
Special Education Jennifer Holland 3981
Kate Carter Kate Carter
Jennifer Holland
Linsey Ford
Degree Program/Concentration Liaison Name Phone Email
Applied Design & Visual Arts Rosana Salinas 3928
Anthropology David Palmer 3905
Behavior Analysis Chloris Yue 3916
Behavioral Science Chloris Yue 3916
Clinical Psychology Chloris Yue 3916
Communication & Digital Media Rosana Salinas 3928
Criminology Cindy Goode 3917
Cross-Cultural Studies David Palmer 3905
Exercise & Health Sciences David Palmer 3905
Family Therapy Chloris Yue 3916
Fitness & Human Performance David Palmer 3905
Geography Kate Carter 3914
History Linsey Ford 3918
Humanities Linsey Ford 3918
Industrial/Organizational Psychology Chloris Yue 3915
Literature Linsey Ford 3918
Nursing Neeta Jambhekar 3902
Political Science Cindy Goode 3917
Psychology Chloris Yue 3916
Public Service Leadership David Palmer 3905
School Psychology Chloris Yue 3916
Social Work Cindy Goode 3917
Sociology Rosana Salinas 3928
Women's and Gender Studies Rosana Salinas 3928
Writing Jennifer Holland 3981
David Palmer
Linsey Ford
Neeta Jambhekar
Rosana Salinas
Cindy Goode Cindy Goode
Kate Carter Kate Carter
Degree Program/Concentration Liaison Name Phone Email
Astronomy Kate Carter 3914
Biological Sciences Chloris Yue 3916
Chemistry Kate Carter 3914
Computer Science Jingshan Xiao 3912
Computer Engineering Jingshan Xiao 3912
Computer Information Systems Jingshan Xiao 3912
Computer Systems Engineering Jingshan Xiao 3912
Engineering Management Jingshan Xiao 3912
Environmental Science Martha Hood 3920
Mathematical Sciences Chloris Yue 3916
Mechanical Engineering Jingshan Xiao 3912
Physics Kate Carter 3914
Software Engineering Jingshan Xiao 3912
Statistics Chloris Yue 3916
Jingshan Xiao
Martha Hood
Kate Carter Kate Carter
Chloris Yue Chloris Yue
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