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Ebook Help: Downloading Ebooks From Library Databases

About National Academies Press

To download from National Academies Press (NAP):

  • You may download with a free account or as a guest
  • To create an account, click on the Register link on the top right of the NAP page or by clicking the "Download" button on any book page and then selecting "Create an Account."
  1. Search or browse for the ebook you want
  2. Click Download Free PDF. If you do not see the link, the title is not available.
  3. If you have an account, log in.
  4. If you don't
    • click 'I don't have an account' at the bottom right of the log in box
    • click 'Download as guest' at the bottom right of the Sign Up box
    • Enter your email address
    • Click the check box next to 'Yes, I accept the terms of use'
    • Click Continue
  5. To download:
    • Click the Download PDF (Full Book) and then click Save
    • Or click Download PDF (Chapters) link, click the chapter title, and then click Save
    • To iPad/iPhone/iPod, press the button in the displayed toolbar to open the file in your iBook or PDF reader app. If you do not see the toolbar, touch the page to display it.
    • You will need the free iBook app or any PDF reader app to read these files.
  6. To transfer to portable device, follow the instructions for your device.



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