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Library resources for research and study in Psychology

Finding Articles

Here are some quick videos when looking for materials through the Library's databases. You will find videos such as how to use Boolean operators, how to use wildcards, how to get full text articles and more.

Searching Databases

Here are some quick tips when looking for materials through the Neumann Library OneSearch, and databases.

The Research Process

The research process is a way in which a scholar or researcher generates knowledge on a specific topic. While there may be steps to get you started in your initial search, the process in which you will conduct research will be fluid. Your first search for resources will not always be successful, therefore you may need to repeat a few actions and tweak your search until you end up with results that are desirable.

The infographic below is an illustration of what the research process can look like. Want tips to help you with your initial search? Proceed to the next tab for more!

Initial Search Tips

If your search does not work in one database, try another. Don't forget you can filter our databases by subject matter as well.

 Play with your search terms, try expanding your search by taking away keywords, or narrowing your search by adding more keywords.

Boolean Cheat Sheet

One of the best ways to help you navigate the sea of search results is by using Boolean Operators and Search Modifiers in your search, these tools will help narrow down results, exclude terms, and add terms to your search.

North Arizona University Cline Library Boolean Graphic

Photo provided by North Arizona University Cline Library Boolean Graphic

Research Help Options

If you are looking for additional help, we have several ways for you to reach out:

► Give us a call at 281-283-3910 or text at 281-816-4341

► Use our "Chat with a Librarian" chat system

Schedule an appointment with a Research Librarian

► Visit us at the Research Consultation Desk

Bayou Building 2402, 2700 Bay Area Blvd, Houston, TX 77058-1002