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Humanities: Search Tips

Library resources for research and study in Humanities

What is Peer Review? What is a Scholarly Article?

Peer review is the process where experts from the same subject field or profession as the author evaluate a manuscript before it is accepted for publication in an academic or scholarly journal.

Peer-reviewed journals also may be called refereed journals.

Creating a Good Search

Find more (broaden your results) with OR and wildcards:

poetry or poem or sonnet*

Find less (narrow your results) with AND:
impressionism and criticism

Find less with NOT:
revolution not france

Find less by selecting limiters (peer-reviewed, date, etc.).

Some databases require quotation marks for an "exact phrase".

If you're not finding enough, try simplifying your search, and remove less critical keywords or concepts.

(1:57) Learn how logical operators AND and OR work to help you get good results in library research databases.

(2:05) Learn how to retrieve varying forms of a word and improve search results.

Finding Scholarly Articles on Your Topic

These tutorials include practice in Neumann Library web-based resources and self-quiz questions to help you check your understanding.

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