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Sample searches:
   euthanasia AND moral*
   "genetic counseling" AND (moral* OR ethic*)


  • Use the Library Catalog's Request feature to get a book from another campus
  • Sample detailed record:

Shows Library Catalog detailed record with a Request link; more information, citation info, and Google preview links; location, call number, and status information; and searchable subject terms


Usually provides snippets or previews of content and includes full text if a book is not under copyright protection. See also Advanced Search. Check the Library Catalog to see if UHCL owns a desired book.


If you find a book in WorldCat, Google Books, or some other source:

  • search for it in the Library Catalog
  • if UHCL doesn't have an available copy, use the Library Catalog's Request feature if another UH library has an "in library" copy

         Request link from browse screen and Request link from detailed record screen

  • or submit a Book Request form, and we will contact more libraries

Ebooks are included in the Library Catalog, but ebook databases offer additional search options, including full-text searching.

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