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Critical Thinking Resources

Provided in support of the University of Houston-Clear Lake's Quality Enhancement Plan Topic

Foundation for Critical Thinking Documents

Exemplars from Univ. of Louisville

Like UHCL, the University of Louisville uses the Foundation for Critical Thinking model for its QEP, which is focused on strengthening undergraduate students' critical thinking skills.

Willingham (2007)

Bloom's Taxonomy

Bloom's taxonomy commonly is referenced in discussions of lower to higher order thinking.

Based on Bloom, B. S. (Ed.) (1956). Taxonomy of educational objectives: The classification of educational goals [Handbook 1: Cognitive Domain]. New York, NY: David McKay.

Revised Bloom's taxonomy model by  Rex Heer


Revised interactive version (Rex Heer, 2009, Center for Teaching Excellence, Iowa State Univ.)



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For Learning About & Recognizing Errors in Reasoning

Thinking Critically about Information Sources

Find Different Points of View on a Topic

Research databases provided by Neumann Library:

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