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SILC 4310: Foundations of Bilingual and ESL Education

Course Guide for SILC 4310: Foundations of Bilingual and ESL Education


Welcome to the SILC 4310 course guide! The purpose of this guide is to support you in coursework and projects that you complete for SILC 4310: Foundations of Bilingual Education and ESL Education. 

In this guide you will find the following resources:

  • Information about the Neumann Library
  • Demographic Information and Surveys
  • Laws and Cases
  • Academic Journals and Articles
  • Citing and Writing Help

Library Information

Librarians are here to help you with learning how to use library resources. We are happy to help you with any questions you may have.

My contact information:

  • 281-283-3934

You can also use the button to the left of this box to send me an email.

To contact a librarian:

There are two Neumann Library Locations, one in Clear Lake and one in Pearland. You can use either of these libraries as a student at UHCL. The Pearland Library is the smaller of the locations and you can request materials from the Clear Lake campus be sent to the Pearland location if that is the closest location to you.

Library Hours

Neumann Library Clear Lake contact information:

  • Phone: 281-283-3900
  • Email:

Pearland Library contact information:

  • Phone: 281-212-1657
  • Email:
One Search


Advanced Search

OneSearch is the library catalog. You use OneSearch to search through all the library materials. The library purchases different types of materials to support you in your courses. You have access to:

  • Books (Print and Electronic)
  • Dissertations/Thesis
  • Newspapers
  • Magazine Articles
  • Conference Proceedings
  • Academic Journals and Articles
  • Videos
  • Images

I recommend you sign into OneSearch with your student credentials when searching so you can pin (the thumbtack icon) items to be saved for later. This can save you time and you don't have to go back and search again for an item. 

The Oxford English Dictionary defines a journal as a publication put out periodically having to do with specific subject matters. In the past, these types of journals were printed and if you visit the library you will find bounded copies of these older printed versions. Today, these materials are usually in electronic form. The library subscribes to a few journals that are still being printed. 

Your professor or assignment may indicate that you need to use scholarly (academic) journal articles. Scholarly means that the sources are based on facts, written by experts in a particular field, and written to inform and advance the field. A scholarly journal is one that is published periodically and meets the scholarly criteria. The articles inside scholarly journals are often research or case studies.

Here are a few examples of Education related scholarly (academic) journals:

Reference: Oxford University Press. (2023). journal. In Oxford English Dictionary. Accessed on March 18, 2024,

Encyclopædia Britannica defines a database as any collection of data or information that is specially organized for rapid search and retrieval. Databases are used for subject specific searching and/or searching by specific types of information. The library has databases that cover a range of subjects. Some examples include:

  • Education
  • Computer Science
  • Nursing 
  • Literature

The library has databases that contain specific types of information. Some examples include:

  • Ebooks
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Journals

See the full list of A to Z Databases

Reference: Encyclopædia Britannica. (n.d.). Database. Britannica Academic. 

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