Environmental Management: Legal Research

Useful resources for environmental management.

Federal and State Resources

Sources in Hardcopy

Legislative and Statutory Sources

  • United States Code (U.S.C.) Reference (1st level) KF62 2006 .A2
  • United States Code Service (U.S.C.S.) Reference (1st level) KF62 1972 .L38
  • Vernon’s Texas Codes Annotated (V.T.C.A.) Reference (1st level) KFT1230.5 .V4

Judicial and Case Law Sources

  • Environment Reporter Cases. (ERC) Vols. 1-84, 1970-2003. Reference (1st level) KF3775 .A6 E49
  • United States Supreme Court Reports: Lawyer’s Ed., Second Series (L.Ed.2d) Reference (1st level) KF101 .L38
  • Texas Decisions Reported in Southwestern Reporter, Second and Third Series (S.W.2d; S.W.3d) Reference (1st level) KFT1257 .S68

Administrative and Regulatory Sources

  • Federal Register Reference (1st level) KF70 .A2
  • Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.) Reference (1st level) KF70 .A3
  • Texas Administrative Code Reference (1st level) KFT1235 1988 .A215

Database Tip Sheets

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