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Edible Book Festival: Rules

Edible Book Contest Rules

Neumann Library Edible Book Contest Rules: 

  • All entries must be edible. (Entries can be made of cake, cookies, fruit, vegetables, crackers, etc.)
  • Each entry should be a reflection, representation or interpretation of something book-related - shaped like a book or inspired by the content of a book (i.e. characters, titles, scenes, story-lines, or text).
  • Entries must not need any additional care, such as refrigeration, during the festival. 
  • Neumann Library reserves the right to reject any entry that is offensive or does not adhere to entry rules.
  • Entries must arrive at Neumann Library between 9am and 12pm on the day of the festival.
  • All dishes and other items must be picked up by 5pm the day of the festival.
  • After drop off, all entries are relinquished by participants and will be photographed by festival participants.


Have a question about the Edible Books contest?

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