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EDLS 7136: Current Pedagogical Issues in Education

Things to Consider:

Type of Journal

Should be mostly from academic journals which contain articles describing high-quality research reviewed by experts in the field prior to publication.


Why was the article written? To:

  • persuade the reader to do something?

  • inform the reader?

  • prove something?


Some publications have an inherent bias that will impact articles in them:

  • left/liberal?

  • right/conservative?

  • center?

  • an alternative press?


Is the author an expert in the field?

Where is the author employed?

What else have they written?


Scholarly works contain a bibliography.

References should be high-quality and appropriate.


Does the article cover the topic comprehensively, partially, or is it an overview?


For what type of audience is the author writing?

  • students?(college, graduate)

  • specialists or professionals?

  • researchers or scholars?


Some topics require the most current info. Other topics value older material as well. Is the article:

  • up-to-date?

  • out-of-date?

  • timeless?


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