Off-Campus and Online Education: Library Instruction (Faculty)

Library Services

Cinco Ranch Center

Enhance Your Course's Online Component

Create a web link in your Blackboard course to a relevant Library Research Guide.

Have a librarian customize a research guide for your course or a specific assignment. Contact Susan Steele, Coordinator of Library Instructional Services, to request this service.

Create an Ask-Your-Librarian discussion forum in Blackboard for a librarian embedded in your course. Contact your library liaison to request an embedded librarian.

Customized Course Resources and Face-to-Face Instruction

If your students are required to use numerous electronic resources and portions of the library web site, you may want a librarian to create an online guide for your course. The library course guide  will have a unique URL to which you can link from your own course page or course management software (see also Blackboard Tools Link for Library Guides). The contents can include research databases, annotated resource links, bibliographies, video tutorials, how-to guides, etc., to fit the needs of your students. Please contact your library liaison or Susan Steele, Coordinator of Library Instructional Services, to request this service.

Instructional materials available anytime:

Face-to-face library instruction sessions can be arranged for off-campus locations. For courses taught at Pearland, complete the Instructional Services request form, or contact Pearland librarian Neeta Jambhekar. For other off-campus courses, please contact Susan Steele, Coordinator of Library Instructional Services. The more advance notice provided, the more likely that your preferred date and time can be accommodated.

Faculty Testimonials


"Thanks so much for the informational sessions! My students really learn from the presentations you give each semester and this makes things so much easier for me!" Michele Kahn, Assoc. Professor

"Thank you so much for enriching our students' work. I discovered a higher quality of projects and greater variety of resources in their research." Nancy Wright, Senior Lecturer

"I just cannot thank you enough for offering such a helpful presentation of our library services and a customized site for our course. I feel that the students are more confident and are less likely to get frustrated about my research assignments..." Gabrielle Lee, Adjunct Faculty, UHCL Pearland Campus

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