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BAPA 1301: Business Principles (Topham): Articles & Employers

Find Employers

Finding Information about a Company

(3:31) How to find company profiles, industry reports, financial data, journal articles, rankings, and more

(2:55) How to find articles about a company, company data, and MarketLine company profile reports with SWOT analyses

(2:33) Learn how to find Nexis Uni's (formerly LexisNexis Academic) Company Dossier search forms, options for identifying companies, and the types of information provided.

Find Articles in Research Databases

Career Journals

List of career related journals.

Career Development Quarterly Provides career development tips through the design and use of career interventions, and publishes articles on career counseling, individual and organizational career development, work and leisure, career education, career coaching, and career management.

Career Planning and Adult Development Journal Contains articles on group and individual career counseling techniques, assessment, and job search skills for career counselors.

 Journal of Career Development Covers career education, adult career development, career development of special-needs population, and career and leisure, focusing on impact of theory and research. Access through the SAGE database link 


Google Scholar

While it doesn't offer some of the sophisticated options available in research databases, Google Scholar can be helpful. See instructions for setting Google Scholar to provide Full Text @ UHCL links in results.

Google Scholar Search
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