WRIT 3307 (Pauley): Advanced Writing: Find Articles

Resources for Advanced Writing

Find COMM Articles:

Find CRIM Articles

Find EDUC Articles:

Find GEOG Articles

Find PSYC Articles:

Find SOCI Articles:

Google Scholar

While it doesn't offer some of the sophisticated options available in research databases, Google Scholar can be helpful. See instructions for setting Google Scholar to provide Full Text @ UHCL links in results.

Google Scholar Search

Multidisciplinary Database

Find an article or journal

Finding Scholarly Articles on Your Topic

These tutorials include practice in Neumann Library web-based resources and self-quiz questions to help you check your understanding.

Advanced Search

Find journals by journal title or ISSN

Sample searches:
journal of family issues
0192-513X (ISSN example)

Get an article from a citation:

Sample citation:
Berigan, N., & Irwin, K. (2011). Culture, cooperation, and the general welfare. Social Psychology Quarterly, 74, 341-360. doi:10.1177/0190272511422451

If the citation includes a DOI (digital object identifier), copy and paste it (e.g., doi:10.1177/0190272511422451) into OneSearch. If there's no DOI but the article title has a distinctive phrase, try searching the phrase with quotation marks (e.g., "culture cooperation and the general").

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