PSYC 3315 (Kelling): Psychological Thinking: Find Peer-Reviewed Articles

Most scholarly journals use peer review to evaluate an article manuscript. Experts or "referees" from the same discipline or profession as the author judge the article's quality, suitability, and readiness for publication.

Find Articles...

Approach #1 -- OneSearch:

Sample natural language search:
what role does gender play in bullying

On results screen, add desired filters:

  • scholarly and peer-reviewed
  • journal article


Approach #2 -- PsycINFO, PsycARTICLES, & other subject databases:

Sample searches with keywords, logical operators, & wildcards:
gender AND bullying
(gender OR human sex differences) AND (bullying OR cyberbullying OR harass*)

Select peer-reviewed, publication/document type, and other limiters on initial search screen or while viewing results. Look for official subject terms, and use them to refine your search.

If needed, find more research databases in the Psychology research guide or in Databases A-Z.

Sample citation:
Byrne, H., Dooley, B., Fitzgerald, A., & Dolphin, L. (2016). Adolescents' definitions of bullying: The contribution of age, gender, and experience of bullying. European Journal of Psychology of Education, 31, 403-418. doi:10.1007/s10212-015-0271-8

Use OneSearch to look for a DOI (digital object identifier) or to search for a distinctive "exact phrase" from the article title. Add an author name if needed. Examples:

  • doi:10.1007/s10212-015-0271-8
  • "adolescents definitions of bullying"
  • "adolescents definitions of bullying" AND byrne


If an article isn't available online, submit an article request.

  • The newest additions to PsycINFO (especially articles with a publication status of "first posting" may not have subject terms assigned yet. While the results won't be as tightly focused, you also may want to try using subject terms as simple keywords (i.e., without requiring them to appear in a subjects field).
  • Don't limit to full text when you're exploring a topic in depth. You'll miss full text that's available via Find It @ UHCL.


Shows search that limit terms to Subjects field along with limiters for peer reviewed, English language, and methodology empirical study

Shows search for an exact subject term with limiters for peer reviewed, age group adolescence, and population group male


In databases without APA limiters for age group or methodology:

Shows search for suicide prevention or suicidal behavior prevention in Subjects and adolescen* or teen* in Subjects and research or study or studie* or data in the Abstract field, limited to peer-reviewed

A peer-reviewed (or refereed) journal:

  • uses experts from the same subject field or profession as the author to evaluate a manuscript prior to acceptance for publication
  • has articles that report on research studies or provide scholarly analysis of topics
  • may include book reviews, editorials, or other brief items that are not considered scholarly articles
Peer Review in 3 Minutes

(3:15) Explains the academic publishing process for research articles and scholarly journals, including the quality control process of peer review. North Carolina State Univ. Libraries

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Get Full Text for an Article

Image of sidebar with instructions:  If a database lacks immediate full text, click Find It @ UHCL in results to check for full text from another source. If full text fails to load, expand the Find It @ UHCL Neumann Library sidebar on the right of the screen, and try opening the content in a new tab. If that doesn't work, submit an article request. If needed, chat with a librarian.

Essential Tools for Online Searching: AND, OR, and Wildcards

(1:43) Learn how logical operators AND and OR work to help you get good results in library research databases.

(1:55) Learn how to retrieve varying forms of a word and improve search results.

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