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Psychology: Tests & Measures

Library resources for research and study in Psychology

Find Tests, Measures, & Scales

Sample Searches:

bedtime procrastination scale   (in Title field)

Sample search in PsycTESTS as described above

major depression   (in Subjects field)
AND latin* OR hispanic*
with limiters for Spanish language and permission to use for research/teaching

Sample search in PsycTESTS as described above


Sample Search:

To find studies that used a specific test, look for the test name in the Tests & Measures field:

Sample search in PsycINFO as described above

In results detailed records:

  • An appended note means the test may be included in the source article, but there's no guarantee
  • If provided, a DOI (digital object identifier) link will retrieve content from PsycTESTS

Portion of detailed record indicating Heavy Episodic Drinking Measure is appended and providing digital object identifier

Limit a search to publication type Tests/Questionnaires. The document abstract usually indicates whether an instrument is appended.

ERIC publication type limiter for tests/questionnaires

To find tests that are in microfiche or downloadable for $25:

  • use Advanced Search
  • in Order Information field, enter TIM or downloadable

Sample ETS TestLink search for anorexia or bulimia or eating disorder* in Subject Search field and TIM or microfiche in Order Information field

Find Test Reviews & More

Additional Resources

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