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MGMT 6237 Comparative Leadership: Videos

Suggested Films

Look for streaming videos on leaders from our video databases. Here's a sample of what you can find:

  • Silicon Cowboys: The dream of three friends resulting in Compaq portable computing
  • Dupont Dynasty: Du Pont is now the world’s largest chemical company with diversification in gunpowder, dynamite and more
  • Big Mac: Inside the MacDonald’s Empire: History and working philosophy behind the world's largest food-service corporation 
  • Google World:  Explores the company’s history, corporate culture, business practices, innovations, and altruistic ambitions  
  • CNBC Titans: Story of the man Ted Turner who jump-started the cable revolution with a groundbreaking news channel  
  • Candyman: David Klein, who in 1976 dreamed up the sensational Jelly Belly jelly bean, and his failure to retain ownership
  • Steel King:  ArcelorMittal dominates the world steel market and serves as a case study in corporate mergers and acquisitions  
  • World According to Michelin: Examines the innovation and invention in response to economic, technical, and social change

Streaming Video Databases

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